Creating a Culture of Learning

Are you serious about building a performance based culture of learning?

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The Three R's in Retention

The science behind getting learners to retain and use information falls in to the three R's.
Repeat the message
Reinforce the message 
Recall the message 
= Retention

Making an IMPACT!

Does your learning program have specified outcomes that can be tracked to monitor performance improvement? 

Together let's create a culture of learning at your organization where learning is a continual process for improvement.

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The Single Most Important Key to Career Success in Today's Competitive Work Environment

When I started my career a few decades ago… yes, I am that old, I was very clear about what I wanted.  I took clerical classes in high school which prepared me for what I considered a ‘transitional job’ until I turned 21 and could become a flight attendant.  Those classes served me well.  Not only did I take classes but I diligently practiced my skills on my own time.  I LEARNED a lot about what it took to be a secretary.

The Workplace is the New Educational Institution

Our schools are failing our children on a colossal scale.  The attributes children nurture and acquire in school are not preparing them for the workforce.  Most academic institutions are entities, in and of themselves, designed to serve the needs of the administration, school boards and the academic elites in the university realm.  There are small pockets of schools that ‘get it’ and realize that our children and young adults are not prepared for the workforce upon graduation, even if jobs were available.  They are trying to make the shift. 

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