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2020 MDS: The Leadership Training Solution

This week, we are focusing on Leadership Training using our 2020 MDS® resources.   This series contains a wide range of tools for building or augmenting a leadership academy or management development program.  Fully integrated with our powerful diagnostic profiles, the series includes Workshop Kits for group learning, online eLearning  modules for individuals, and self-study workbooks as options for each of the titles in the program.  The resources in this program have both the

Are You Stressed?

We all have stress! If our lives were stress free we wouldn't have the mental health challenges that face us daily. If you are in need of tips on how to understand and take control of your stress click on the link provided by and overcome your stress challenges today.


Is Green A Happy Color?

Is green a happy color? Studies show that living close to green areas like parks and gardens may be good for your mental health. Just having a green plant in your house or workplace can reduce stress. Those with ADHD who get outside and exercise or work have an easier time concentrating and focusing in on important tasks.


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