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Inspire the Creative Genius Within

When my son was three or four years old, he used to tell me stories that were completely unrestrained by reality. His ideas were so charming and unusual that, even at that age, I realized his creative genius. This got me thinking.  How can young kids be so imaginative, while adults struggle to write a simple paragraph. I've often wondered when creating a new course, as we age, do we lose the skills to be creative and express our thoughts? I believe so. 

Let Your Mind Control What Matters Most

Everyone has dreams.  Some big and some small.  Do you struggle with creating and accomplishing new goals? Is your mind sabotaging your thoughts and telling you that you will not succeed?  

URGENT! Only Three Spots Left- Signup to Learn Training Techniques that Make Learning Meaningful and Memorable‏

We invite you to explore the facets of the ADDIE Model starting next week May 21st. Bring your own training projects and case studies and learn how to create great courseware that will inspire and engage your learners.

The course will include the following: 


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