Learning is Process Not an Event

Cheryl Johnson is a Performance Solution Specialist with more than fifteen years of experience in coaching, learning, development and performance. With her pioneering attitude, she has made strong contributions in the areas of learning with emphasis on behavioral change. She has been recognized for innovating and building programs from scratch and pioneering the use of technology in education. She has dedicated her life to developing learning solutions that drive performance at work and in one's personal life. Working with a partner she assisted in the instructional design strategy for a powerful interactive patented online training solution for voice recognition technology long before online learning was deemed to be an effective learning solution. She continues to seek solutions to aid everyone in the learning and development process.  She currently is developing a mobile application that supports high performing athletes in tracking mental training progress and connecting their success to their physical and mental training efforts.  She is modifying the application for broader application with any population seeking to improve their performance. 

In her volunteer time she works with people who have mental health issues to educate them on strategies for managing their health and wellness.  She also works with troubled youth and their parents to find successful strategies for navigating the difficult teen years.

Her unique value is the ability to identify needs and address gaps and then develop long term strategies that yield positive change. The keys to her effectiveness are a true passion for learning; strategic thinking patterns; and a desire to facilitate self discovery. Whether it is through coaching, staff development, training, teaching, learning, or evaluating, she firmly believes that setting goals, learning and creativity are the essential ingredients to personal empowerment, growth, and ultimately, success.


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