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Embrace American Excellence

Read Write & Learn Technology, Inc. (RWL Tech, Inc.) introduces:


The Heart of American Craftsmanship

Discover the ultimate destination for products and services that are proudly Made in the USA. Our mission is to support and promote patriotic causes, serving businesses and individuals who are dedicated to building a parallel economy. We cater to those who love our country deeply and wish to support businesses that share the same profound love for the United States.

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Patriotic Products and Services


Empower yourself to lead with pride.

The Bible alongside key events in American history.

This beautiful Bible spotlights the people and events that demonstrate the godly qualities that have made America great. The American Patriot's Bible connects three important elements: the teachings of the Bible, the history of the United States, and the connection it has to our lives today.

Features include:

  • Full-color presentation and family record section

  • 48 beautiful full-color insert pages including memorable images from our nation's history

  • New King James Version® Bible text, large print

  • 1600 Bible pages (illustrated, two color) with: 80 full-page articles, 70 half-page articles, 104 quarter-page articles, and 66 book introductions

  • Index and concordance

  • Easy-to-read 10.5 print

The New King James Version—More than 60 million copies sold in 30 years

American Patriot Bible.png

Our Mission

(AND How It Can Save Our Country NOW)

We believe in the power of American innovation, quality, and craftsmanship. Our platform is more than just a marketplace; it's a community of like-minded individuals and businesses committed to supporting the American economy. We're here to connect you with products and services that not only meet your needs but also contribute to a stronger, more independent, and patriotic America.

Why Choose Made in the USA?
Quality You Can Trust!

American-made products are synonymous with quality and durability. When you choose Made in the USA, you're investing in items that stand the test of time.

Support Local Communities

Every purchase made on our platform supports American workers, families, and communities. Together, we can create jobs and foster economic growth across our great nation.

Uphold American Values

By supporting businesses that prioritize American manufacturing, you're contributing to the preservation of freedom, independence, and the American spirit.

Our Products & Services

Explore a wide range of products and services that embody American excellence. From artisan goods to high-tech equipment, every item tells a story of dedication, hard work, and patriotism.


Our categories include:

Home and Lifestyle:  Elevate your home with decor, furnishings, and lifestyle products that celebrate American heritage.

Apparel and Accessories: Wear your patriotism on your sleeve with clothing and accessories designed and made by American artisans.

Technology and Innovation: Stay ahead with cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions developed right here in the USA.

Business Services: Grow your business with services from American companies that understand your values and mission.

Go Beyond Reading History, Experience It!

Experience the Living History that Shaped America

 Dates and names on a page can only reveal so much. Even captivating stories fall short of truly grasping the essence of history. To be inspired to create meaningful change, we must endeavor to authentically experience life as it was lived by those who came before us.Join us on immersive Faith and Freedom Tours, thoughtfully designed to transport you back in time. More than a journey into the past, this is a chance to make history come alive.Walk the streets of colonial Boston during the turbulent years leading to revolution. Experience Plimouth Plantation.  Visit sites where crucial decisions were weighed and world-changing documents drafted.At every stop, expert guides will share intriguing accounts, little-known insights, and thought-provoking perspectives that illuminate how the beliefs and bravery of ordinary people shaped our nation.Return with a renewed passion to be the change you wish to see. Let the enduring lessons of our shared history light the way forward. Join us and rediscover the promise of America.


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