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Preparing Leaders Equal to the Challenge of the 21st Century

The United States of America has the longest lasting constitution in history. It is based on ideas and principles that promote opportunity for all. It has raised more people from poverty than any other nation in existence. Our unique Bill of Rights protects our citizens from authoritarianism and unjust intrusion in one´s private life. What can we do to ensure that this great nation continues to provide that umbrella of freedom for its citizens and in turn others who wish to legally migrate to the United States. We can nurture leaders who embrace liberty and love freedom. Learn more in our constitutional, history and developing faith courses and the impact of the famous leaders on our founding principles.

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The Pathway to Patriotic Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

Finally Unveiled:

The Profound Influence of Faith on America's Foundation

(AND How It Can Save Our Country NOW)

Let's dive into the heart of our mission - nurturing patriotic,  leaders for a brighter future. Here's a simple yet powerful five-step method that many people have already adopted and which are seeing remarkable results.

Imagine having a clear roadmap to lead as a strong patriotic leaders who will stand up for conservative values amidst all odds!

Remember, you're not just educating yourself; you're becoming a future leaders of our nation. Let's embark on this journey together!

Discover How Deepening Your Spiritual Growth
Can Help Restore Our Nation

Step 1: Instill Faith Based Values

The first step is to instill strong faith based values. This is not about merely learning from stories but understanding and applying these principles in your daily lives.


Step 2: Teach History with Patriotism

Next, we delve into history, focusing on our nation's rich heritage. We don't just teach dates and events; we highlight the sacrifices made by those who fought for our freedom and rights and their focus on faith based values.

Step 3: Develop Leadership Skills

Now comes the exciting part - developing leadership skills. Through various activities and lessons, we nurture qualities like integrity, resilience, decision-making ability, and more using a Servant Leadership model that promotes conscious leadership.


Step 4: Encourage Civic Engagement

We then move onto encouraging civic engagement. You will learn about your responsibilities as citizens and how you can contribute positively to society.


Step 5: Foster a Love for Learning

Finally, we foster a love for learning that goes beyond textbooks. Our curriculum encourages curiosity and critical thinking – two essential traits of any leader.


This unique approach has been designed keeping in mind the current state of our country – it aims at creating individuals who are grounded in faith, filled with patriotism, equipped with leadership skills, active participants in society, and lifelong learners.

Register here for our FREE 5 - Day Masterclass:  The Pathway to Patriotic Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

Ignite Your Spirituality,
Save Our Nation!

This Program Empowers Tomorrow's Patriotic Leaders To Create Positive Change TODAY!

1. Blends the best of three leadership models without the downsides. Our Leadership Development Program lets you enjoy the perks of three leadership styles without their associated challenges. You get the best parts of transformational, servant, quiet and conscious leadership models without the potential pitfalls.


2. Delivers quick results. This might sound too good to be true, but it's a fact. With our Leadership Development Program, you can expect improved decision-making skills and increased emotional intelligence in a matter of weeks.


3. Doesn't disrupt your current routine. You can start this alongside your existing commitments. This is a program that requires minimal time to initiate and minimal ongoing effort. As you scale, you could enjoy benefits like increased confidence, better team management skills, etc.


4. Scales swiftly. Since our program focuses on personal growth as well as professional development, you can scale your leadership abilities faster than ever before. Add in the rapid enhancement of communication skills and problem-solving abilities; this is the speediest leadership development method we've ever used.


5. Systematic and predictable: Every part of our Leadership Development Program can be evaluated before you make an investment - from course content to training methods - so that you know what outcomes to expect even before you begin.


6. Competition is irrelevant: There are countless opportunities for leaders in every industry; all one needs are a few key skills to succeed – there’s plenty for everyone!


7. Sustainable and long-lasting: This isn’t just another trend; our Leadership Development Program provides timeless lessons that will continue to shape strong leaders for years to come.


8. Something to take pride in: With our Leadership Development Program, you are establishing yourself as a resilient leader with integrity who loves their country  - something worth sharing proudly with others!


We hope you're feeling excited! Before moving on to Phase 1 of our program, please take a moment to register for one of our live training workshops.

Plus… Witness real-life examples of how faith has influenced major societal structures and used their faith to bring about positive change in America. Learn more about the role you can play in restoring freedom to our constitutional republic NOW!

Register here for our FREE 5 - Day Masterclass:  The Pathway to Patriotic Christian Leaders of Tomorrow

Go Beyond Reading History, Experience It!

Experience the Living History that Shaped America

 Dates and names on a page can only reveal so much. Even captivating stories fall short of truly grasping the essence of history. To be inspired to create meaningful change, we must endeavor to authentically experience life as it was lived by those who came before us.Join us on immersive Faith and Freedom Tours, thoughtfully designed to transport you back in time. More than a journey into the past, this is a chance to make history come alive.Walk the streets of colonial Boston during the turbulent years leading to revolution. Experience Plimouth Plantation.  Visit sites where crucial decisions were weighed and world-changing documents drafted.At every stop, expert guides will share intriguing accounts, little-known insights, and thought-provoking perspectives that illuminate how the beliefs and bravery of ordinary people shaped our nation.Return with a renewed passion to be the change you wish to see. Let the enduring lessons of our shared history light the way forward. Join us and rediscover the promise of America.

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Are you ready to equip yourself with the knowledge, skills and values to pave the path for others?  We offer an array of Made in America products and services to help you model exemplary leadership. Expand your insights through uplifting books on history, civic participation and ethical living. Recreate national treasures like the nation's Capitol through detailed Lego models. Display collectibles that exhibit your patriotism. By purchasing through our marketplace, you support talented American creators and businesses. You also reinforce high standards of quality craftsmanship. Lead by example. Instill pride in community and country. Help others succeed by embarking first on your own journey of growth. We're here to provide you with resources to be the leader you were meant to be.

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