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Hello everybody, I am

Cheryl Johnson

Learning is a Process, Not an Event
With the End Goal Being Improved Performance


About Myself

I am a Performance Solution Specialist with more than twenty years of experience in teaching, coaching, learning design and development, and technology support for learning. With my pioneering attitude, I have made strong contributions in the areas of learning with an emphasis on behavioral change. I have been recognized as a leader in the architecture, design and delivery of interactive learning activities I am also published by a well-known educational psychologist, Michael Allen in his 2012 e-Learning Annual. I have dedicated my life to developing learning solutions that drive performance at work and in one’s personal life.

  • Learner Focused Design and Delivery 

  • Performance Improvement Strategies 

  • Organizational Development 

  • Learning Technology (Business Analyst)

  • Learning and Development Data Analytics 


My Latest Projects


A cohort of individuals who are seeking to improve the workplace culture to better support learning.


Author of the The Ambition Quotient that details how to cultivate ambitious employees in your organization

A solution for the US Air Force Revolutionizing Pilot Training Challenge

Past Projects


Offerings to My Clients

I would love to partner with your organization to become a learning organization.

Learning organizations place a high priority on the education of their employees and give them time, space and resources to make that happen. Learning organizations provide more than a couple of training opportunities. They want their employees to engage in learning everyday. They want learning to be a part of what they do every day while they work, not just when they are away from work, attending classes or engaging with online learning modules.

Learning Ecosystem

First I assess your current learning ecosystem and determine what opportunities, assets and resources your employees have to help them learn. Then I assess where you want your organization to be in five years.



I evaluate what type of pedagogy will work in your unique culture. I decide what type of learning ecosystem supports that pedagogy. Then I look at what you currently have vs. what you need and get to work making it happen!


Learning Solutions

I specialize in engaging and meaningful formal learning as well as informal learning. I believe they go hand in hand and make a 'complete learning experience' that drives behavior change.

The Learning Experience

For learning to be effective, we need to make sure that the learning experience is comprehensive and
provides a "just in time/need" approach.

What is the most effective delivery Method for Learning?


Creative by Design: Making an IMPACT!


What does the 21st century classroom or learning environment look like to you?


Do your courses make a difference in the productivity and performance of the employees you trained?


Or are your courses bland and uninspiring?

Creative by Design: Making an IMPACT! is a course designed to help you lay the foundation for great courseware. You will learn how to create courseware that inspires and engages. Creative by Design: Making an IMPACT! is a project based course that explores the different facets of ADDIE using a learner centric approach. We will help you lay the foundation for great courseware that both inspires and engages.

Start making a difference in the productivity and performance of your employees or students! We will work through the process of developing great training courses with your own personal training projects and case studies.

Transcending ADDIE


RWL Tech, Inc. has been known in the industry for years as an innovative leader. Their mantra of "reinventing the learning process" is at the heart of everything they do.

Too often, training professionals are forced into a box where they end up creating bland and boring courses to meet deadlines and budgets. RWL Tech, Inc. is now offering a uniquely powerful (and fun!) program for tackling the real-world challenges that stand in the way of creating engaging, effective learning experiences.

We invite you to participate in a course that utilizes the "Creative by Design" approach to solve your training challenges.

The Creative by Design system helps learning professionals employ engaging techniques in real world settings.

Creative by Design develops your 'creative genius' and will inspire you to perform better on all your learning projects. It is no longer costly or complicated to create powerful learning experiences. Bring your ideas and your passion. Be prepared to contribute. Together we will bring learning into the 21st century.


Paul Vogelzang

The Not Old - Better Show

Chery's talents and gifts are in producing results through training. As a matter of fact, Cheryl’s unique value is the ability to identify needs and address gaps and then develop long term training strategies that yield positive change. Cheryl is passionate about teaching and learning, and creatively uses online techniques and real world work to produce success.

Dr. Mary Kay Clark

Seton Home School

Going through your course significantly helped our staff consider the many aspects of learning involved and focus on the needs of the students. We give our students the best online learning experience we can, and your course was an important step in meeting that goal.

Rodrigo Salazar-Kawer

SweetRush Inc.

I took the Creative Instructional Design Course back in 2014 as an introduction to the Learning and Development industry.

As Manager of Talent Solutions at SweetRush, my job consists of finding and supplying experienced L&D professionals (mostly Instructional Designers) for our clients. This course was key for me in order to understand what IDs do, how they think, and what makes a great ID. This has contributed over the years in my ability to assess accurately whether candidates would be able to perform and excel at a given position successfully.


Contact me for more information about my work.

I am on a mission to change the way corporations worldwide view learning within their organization. Join me on my journey...

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