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Ambition Quotient


Cheryl Johnson, author of "The Ambition Quotient: The Missing Attribute in your Employees" will be leading a workshop on how to create a culture of learning in your workplace to solve your employees' ambition problems. This workshop will give you tips on how to cultivate an environment for coaching, learning, and AMBITION.

RWL Tech, LLC introduces SMART Learning for Business Success, a step-by-step process that will protect the future viability of your company by embedding learning into the daily fabric of your organization.

Trusted by industry leaders who have created a culture of learning in their workplace.


"...synthesizes the foundations of success into simple messages any employers can absorb and reflect."

-Midwest Book Review

Creating Ambitious Employees

Who Love to Learn Can...


improve your profitability by 25


improve employee retention by 45%

improve employee morale by 85%

What Clients Say About Our Courses

"Going through your significantly helped our staff consider the many aspects of learning involved and focus on the needs of the students. We give our students the best online learning experience we can, and your course was an important step in meeting that goal."

Dr. Mary Kay Clark

 Seton Home School

"As manager of Talent Solutions at SweetRush, my job consists of finding and supplying experienced L&D professionals (mostly Instructional Designers) for our clients. This course was key for me in order to understand what IDs do, how they think, and what makes a great ID. This has contributed over the years in my ability to assess accurately whether candidates would be able to perform and excel at a given position successfully."

Rodrigo Salazar-Kawer

 SweetRush Inc.

Ambition Quotient Workshop

Enrollment includes:

Hours of Instruction

Weeks of Virtual Learning Sessions

Hours of one-on-one coaching


Partnering with your organization, we identify resources in your learning ecosystem that team members find useful. We ensure they are delivered in the most effective manner.


Our toolkit will truly open your eyes to a lot of resources you already have as you move toward creating a culture of learning and cultivating AMBITIOUS employees.


Learning ecosystems are designed to engage employees in learning as they work and let them define their own path to success, motivating them to produce at higher levels.




This toolkit contains resources that you need to jumpstart your ambitious learning environment.


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