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Become a Fifth Principle Learning Cooperative

RWL Tech, Inc. introduces the Fifth Principle Learning Cooperative, where we focus on rebuilding communities, one village at a time. This program is designed to create servant leaders who form groups that work cooperatively to solve local problems by sharing their time and talents and building a financial ecosystem to fund cooperative projects.

What can a cooperative do for you and your community?

Trusted by industry leaders who have created a culture of learning in their workplace.

Fifth Principle Learning Cooperatives Will...


Organize the community and provide a way to capitalize on its own business, meet unmet needs, and return economic benefits of the business back to the community.


Engage the community and secure committed patronage from consumers.


Strengthen infrastructure, harness healthy competition and protect the community from monopoly abuse.


Dictate the direction of the local economic market.

Expand the Reach of Your Cooperative or
Start a New Cooperative



Start a Cooperative

  • Do you need access to a team of experts to guide you through the process?

  • Do you have access to the resources you need to start your cooperative?

  • Can you sustain the vision, develop top talent, and nurture community involvement?

Solve Community Problems

  • Is there an issue in your community that has been challenging to resolve?

  • Would you like access to a team of experts to guide you through the process of solving those issues?

  • Do you have access to the resources you need to solve the issue?

  • Can you sustain the vision, develop top talent, and nurture community involvement?

Develop your Team

  • Do new members of your team enthusiastically embrace cooperative values?

  • Does your team communicate effectively?

  • Does leadership at your cooperative embrace a servant leadership mentality?

  • Do you have the resources to prepare new Cooperative Board Members for governance responsibilities?



Blossom Your Awesome

with Cooperatives


What are Cooperatives?

Take the first step because your community deserves the very best. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to learn about the principle and methodology trusted by industry leaders.

The Fifth Principle uses the SMART Learning for Business Success methodology, a practical applied mentoring and implementation program built to support cooperatives learning endeavors. The SMART Learning for Business Success method is the best way to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed today and in the future to ensure that cooperatives remain a vital resource for economic development.

Over time, employers have found that the primary attributes missing in their employees are:

We call these the Ambition Quotient (AQ) attributes. As the economy evolves, it will be even more imperative that organizations of all sizes and structures have employees with these attributes. These five attributes are not built overnight. They cannot effectively be taught in classrooms or through online learning modules alone. They must be honed through the work people do every day. They need to be taught within the context of work. SMART Learning for Business Success, our project-based learning program, provides employees the opportunity to shape our cooperatives and thrive in turbulent waters. More than ever, we will need people who can think out of the box, solve complex problems, and demonstrate resilience in the face of significant challenges. We delve into a root cause analysis with the sole intent of creating positive solutions that move us forward. We NEED ambitious people who demonstrate the Ambition Quotient (AQ)





Team Building

Problem Solving

The SMART Learning for
Business Success Program

When working with cooperatives, we have found that they are all in need of a boost in Education, Mentoring, and Vision. Our SMART Learning for Business Success program has been structured to remove the overwhelm by providing you with access to a TEAM of experts that will guide you in implementing our proven method that will allow you to focus your TIME on only the most important (and meaningful) areas of your vision. In the SMART Learning for Business Success program, we will build a repeatable, predictable, and measurable social networking and educational model that has a proven return on its value with:



Our educational model will enable cooperative members to demonstrate cooperative values and Ambition Quotient (AQ) attributes. We review what cooperatives were and what they are now. From there we work to ensure your cooperative has what they need to thrive.



We connect visionary cooperative groups with existing expert cooperatives to grow the influence of your cooperative in your community.



We help you define your vision and provide you with a TEAM to implement it.

Are You a Co-Opper?

At the Fifth Principle Learning Cooperative we are dedicated to bringing order to your corner of a chaos filled world. To do this:

We enable people who want to build self-reliant communities. We do this by building servant leaders who empower members to work cooperatively and solve local problems. They share their time and talents and build a financial ecosystem to fund humanitarian, economic, or infrastructure projects.

We are building an army of problem-solving Co-Oppers.

  1. If you answered one of these with a YES! You are new to the cooperative movement would just like more information.

    Join our movement!


  2. If you answered two of these with a YES! You may have heard of cooperative but would like to know how cooperatives can benefit you and your community.

    Schedule a call!


  3. If you answered three of these with a YES! You are ready to wade in to the pool and see if you can pull this off.

    Sign up to join our Cooperative Army!


  4. If you answered four of these with a YES! You are ready to define a plan and test it out.

    Lets get the ball rolling!


  5. If you answered ALL of these with a YES!

    Let us put you on the fast track to success!

If you are a Co-Opper, then we would love for you to join our cooperative movement.

How Do I Become a Fifth Principle
Learning Cooperative?

Our social learning and networking platform provides a way to expand the reach of your cooperative in your community. We have three options within our Fifth Principle program that will enable your organization to find success.



Do It Yourself

We provide you with a series of self-study learning exercises accessible online. You can complete the exercises at your own pace to learn how to expand your cooperative's reach and nurture ambitious employees. You will retain lifetime unlimited access to these exercises and modules with all three options.


Guidance and Assistance

In addition to the exercises in our academy, this option provides you with an advisor and mentor to support your success. Your advisor goes through the process with you and we connect you to experts and resources in the area where you want to expand your reach. This reduces your learning curve and provides you with resources that enable success.


Team Augmentation


If you do not have the resources to implement your vision or are not sure where to start, this Partner option gives you the team and resources you need to expand your reach while still instilling cooperative values and Ambition Quotient (AQ) skills in your workforce. Our team takes your vision and implements it for you.

Learn more about our SMART Learning for Business Success program if you are seeking to employ learning at your cooperative to support current or new initiatives.

Our Promise

  • We will help you clearly define your vision and learning goals, provide you with a proven framework for achieving those goals, and provide guidance and keep you accountable to reach those goals.

  • We will help you get laser-focused on the vision you have for your cooperative and how to market it and educate key stakeholders to achieve success.

  • We will mentor and guide you only telling you what you need to know so you don't waste your time on activities, software, and other things that won't provide a clear return on your investment.

Why go to it alone?

The very concept of a cooperative is people helping people solve problems and succeed! Join our team to engage with seasoned experts, a library of resources and learning to begin the cooperative journey or expand the reach of your existing cooperative. Once your cooperative has a foundation of experts and resources, the journey has only just begun. Now, sustaining the vision, promoting cooperative values, developing Ambition Quotient (AQ) skills are the next steps your Fifth Principle Cooperative needs to embrace with the SMART Learning for Business Success learning methodology.


Dr. Mary Kay Clark

 Seton Home School

Going through your significantly helped our staff consider the many aspects of learning involved and focus on the needs of the students. We give our students the best online learning experience we can, and your course was an important step in meeting that goal.

Rodrigo Salazar-Kawer

 SweetRush Inc.

As manager of Talent Solutions at SweetRush, my job consists of finding and supplying experienced L&D professionals (mostly Instructional Designers) for our clients. This course was key for me in order to understand what IDs do, how they think, and what makes a great ID. This has contributed over the years in my ability to assess accurately whether candidates would be able to perform and excel at a given position successfully.

"Let Us Build Your Trust First" GUARANTEE

In the first month of the Advisor and Partner options, we'll have four 1-on-1 meetings (weekly) to accomplish the following:

Week 1: Onboarding

We'll get you all set up with folders, files, calendar, and additional resources.

Week 2: Define Success

We'll support you in defining and clarifying your vision to meet your goals!

Week 3: 12 Month Strategy

We'll create and define your specific strategy to reach your goals.

Week 4: Connections

We'll connect you to the resources and people you need to succeed.

After the first month, we'll either continue executing your strategy either alongside your team as an advisor and mentor or for you as your Partner team for the remaining months of your contract OR you can cancel our agreement and you'll walk away with your defined vision and strategy and continued access to our educational academy (online learning programs - a $1997 value). We do this to take away all the risk on your end so you can experience the opportunities we'll create together in this program!

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