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"The Magic of a Solar Eclipse: My Personal Experience and Reflections"

In 2017, I was blessed with an extraordinary opportunity to witness the solar eclipse in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Our family had gathered at our cabin, situated in an area experiencing about 99% totality. But my husband, driven by an undeniable curiosity, insisted we chase the elusive 100% totality. So, we left our family behind and embarked on a journey to a breathtaking mountain valley.

To be honest, I didn't have high expectations for the experience. As the moon slowly overshadowed the sun, the atmosphere grew darker and cooler, and it was fascinating to observe. Yet, it was during the moment of totality that something truly magical occurred. The cows in the meadow began to moo, the crickets emerged to join in a symphony of chirps. But it was the profound sensation that swept over me, words fail to capture its essence.

Have you ever felt a truth or a rightness deep within your soul, a knowing that transcends mere academic understanding? Have you experienced the overwhelming love that floods your heart when holding a newborn child or being with someone you cherish after years of shared moments? How can we articulate such emotions? That is the closest comparison I can make to the feelings that enveloped me during the 100% totality of the solar eclipse.

I must confess, I was never a staunch believer in astrology, numerology, or other cosmic phenomena. I found them intriguing but dismissed their significance. However, recent encounters with the Gene Keys program and Human Design have sparked a change within me. I have come to acknowledge that there are forces at work that I cannot explain but are undeniably real.

Fast forward to 2024, when my husband and I found ourselves in Cleveland, Ohio for yet another eclipse. There was no doubt in my mind - I yearned for the totality experience once again. My husband had successfully transformed me into a believer. Initially, we planned to settle in a field near our hotel, but fate had other plans. On the Sunday preceding the event, we impulsively decided to visit Lake Erie, cherishing a peaceful day before the anticipated crowds arrived. The beach was serene, and we reveled in watching our puppy play along the shore, dipping her paws into the refreshing water.

When Monday morning arrived, we took a leap of faith and returned to the same beach to witness the eclipse. We carried with us minimal expectations, fearing we might struggle to find a spot amidst the throng of people, accompanied by our three beloved dogs. As we passed various beach sites and piers, our spirits waned. Yet, when we arrived at the park adjacent to the beach, a delightful surprise awaited us. The crowd was sizable but not overwhelming. We managed to park our truck nearby, unload our belongings, and my husband graciously parked the vehicle a few blocks away.

Once again, as the eclipse commenced, the world grew dimmer and cooler. However, this time, we were treated to a breathtaking sight resembling a sunset on the horizon. When totality enveloped us, there were no mooing cows or chirping crickets, but our puppy displayed an undeniable change in demeanor. She barked and bounced around, attuned to an unseen force. Our older dogs, unaffected, observed calmly. And as totality settled in, a wave of chills ran through my being, tears welled in my eyes. I, who seldom succumb to emotional surges, was caught in this strange yet beautiful tide of sentiment.

When totality receded, a luminous white light permeated the atmosphere, a presence not present before or during the eclipse. Once again, I found myself immersed in a deeply spiritual and profound experience. This encounter has cemented my faith in the power of cosmic events and the profound emotions they can evoke.

As I reflect upon these mesmerizing moments, I am reminded of the vast mysteries that lie beyond our comprehension. The celestial dance of the sun and the moon, the intricate workings of astrology, and the cosmic forces that shape our lives beckon us to embrace the wonder and magic that surrounds us. In the face of such awe-inspiring events, we are reminded of the infinite possibilities that await us and the profound interconnectedness of our souls with the cosmos.

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