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Most organizations struggle to hire, retain, and motivate their team members. Because training and development play an important role in every organization’s success, the longer theses challenges go unsolved the more it costs to do so. In addition, with the nature of work evolving rapidly, keeping team members' skills relevant is a constant challenge. The skills we hire for today may not be the skills required tomorrow. We work hand-in-hand with organizations to create innovative solutions, reimagine learning, and translate work processes into powerful business growth machines.

Smart Learning for Business Success is a cohort of individuals who are seeking to improve the workplace culture.. This program is a step-by-step process that will protect the future viability of your company by embedding learning into the daily fabric of your organization.

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Cheryl Johnson, founder of RWL Tech, LLC wrote The Ambition Quotient to share insights on how to motivate and inspire your team to achieve more. It is a brief introduction to simple concepts that can be implemented with minimal effort and yet have maximum impact.

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The Fifth Principle is a cooperative that provides the resources the members need to create a CULTURE OF LEARNING in their workplace. This principle is part of the seven shared principles of the International Co-operative Alliance and focuses on education, training and information.

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Whether you are a learning professional or coach, I am sure you design your programs to ensure all your efforts change and transform the lives of those who access and use your programs. But are those programs having the impact you intended?

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